What's happening in Iran now?

On September 16, 2022, a 22-year-old Iranian woman named Mahsa (Jina) Amini was arrested, by the Islamic Republic's so-called "morality police", for not wearing her headscarf (hijab) properly in Iran. She was brutally beaten to death while she was in police custody.
As a result, so many people - with Iranian women at the forefront - have been protesting in Iran for Mahsa's justice, their freedom, and all the pain they have gone through under the past 43 years of the Islamic Republic government. 

Since then the regime blocked the internet from Iranians so that the world does not hear Iranian protesters' voices as they are brutally getting killed and oppressed in the streets of Iran. So far, more than 20000 people were arrested and more than 500 people were murdered for protesting; among them are more than 70 children.

We believe that every society that promotes democratic values should take a stand in Iran's situation. Iran's 13th-century poet, Saadi Shirazi, said it beautifully in his famous poem, which is also inscribed on the United Nation's building entrance. He says:

"Human beings are a member of a whole

  In the creation of one essence and soul

  If one member is afflicted with pain

 Other members uneasy remain

 If you have no sympathy for human

 The name of a human you cannot retain"

Let's be Iran's voice and spread the word to raise awareness of what‘s happening in Iran.  Let's make the world a better place for all people! Let's fight for women, for life, and for freedom!